Financial planning
and applying for funding

Financial planning and financing arrangements

We help your company to define your need for funding. Together we can plan the best  funding strategy and put this into practice. Our expert will find the correct funding methods for your company, plan the project to fit the funding criteria, and do all necessary pre-work.

Looking for an investor?

We help you identify the right investors, make contacts and prepare investor material. 

Public funding


Are you planning a project your company could apply public funding for? We are experienced in successfully conducting the application procedures for our clients; all the way from the development of the project idea to its conclusions. We provide you with advice on which funding is available and necessary. We help you to draft and finalize your project plan and coach you in anything your company needs. Through us you will also have access to best business and co-operation partners with whom to execute your project with. Our services cover project start up and ensuring the reporting is conducted according to the funding partners criteria.