Business idea evaluation, growth business plans, funding plans

We brighten your growth path from the initial idea to commercialized innovation and help set the global scaling steps


Do you have a business idea with international potential? With our help and advice you can find the right business partners and funding methods. Business actions and their continuous development are based on well planned and executed business strategies. The starting point should be clarifying present and meet the customer needs and challenges efficiently in the ever changing business environment. As we guide you to success we will focus on the following areas of business: Products/services, potential customer groups, competition; competitors and competitive advantages, market potential, business models, team, resources, and financial risks.

We help you to crystallize your business: 


  • Product market fit

  • Target markets

  • Customer profiles 

  • Competitive situation and competitive advantages

  • Market potential and earnings models

  • Resources  

  • Financial calculations 

  • Risk analyzes

  • Financial strategies